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Dr. Endorsed

It works

The WholeBodyTM System is 7 Essential Oils that work with the systems of the body that are most likely to experience discomfort, pain, or imbalance.

Our body, by design, recognizes what will harm and heal us. Just like our body recognizes a hot stove will burn us it recognizes the therapeutic "chemical constituents" that are found in the WholeBodyTM System of Essential Oil blends.

In that recognition is where the innate healing process begins.

It's easy

Following the guidance of a goDésana Certified WholeBodyTM System Coach or Trainer, apply the 7 WholeBodyTM System blends in order, 1 thru 7, to the spinal reflex of your foot.

After each application you will make a note of the changes in your pain level and your range of motion.

The beauty of the WholeBodyTM System is that it's such a simple, easy, quick, and life-transforming way to introduce people to Essential Oils.

Get to the Root of Your Pain Today

After using the WholeBodyTM "7 Touch" System you will have clear and immediate recommendations for restoring balance to your body.

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