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healthy lifestyle products for the energetically aware

Certify For Yourself. Certify For Your Clients. Certify For Your Business.

WholeBodyTM System Coach Certification is perfect for:

  • Individuals who want to learn more about essential oils and how to use them in everyday life.
  • Body workers who would like another tool to assist clients.
  • Spa owners & workers who would like a leading-edge modality to add to their menu of services.
  • Healers who would like another simple, empowering tool in their toolbox to facilitate transformation.
  • Business owners who would like a unique, cutting-edge product to offer to customers.
  • Health care professionals who want to incorporate innovative energy work.

Become a WholeBodyTM System Coach

WholeBodyTM System Coaches may perform WholeBodyTM System assessments on others.

WholeBodyTM System Coaches are certified to do the following:

  • Offer WholeBodyTM System assessments, with protocols determined by individuals' self-assessments, to family, friends, clients, prospects, and new or existing goDésana members
  • Utilize WholeBodyTM System Coach as a title on all goDésana marketing materials
  • Perform WholeBodyTM System assessments in a professional environment or an in-home environment


  • Purchase of WholeBodyTM System Coach Certification Kit.
  • Participation in WholeBodyTM Certification session with certified WholeBodyTM System Trainer.
  • Agreement to exclusively use goDésana products and WholeBodyTM System assessement materials.
  • Agreement to exlusively use goDésana products during WholeBodyTM System assessments.

WholeBodyTM System Coach Certification Kit - $329*

  • Complete WholeBodyTM System: Align, Circulate, Clear, Connect, FlexAble, Osteo, and Sensory {10ml Bottles or 10ml AromaStix}
  • Lavender Fine, Lemon, and Peppermint Essential Oils {5ml Bottles}
  • Customized WholeBodyTM System web site (
  • Assessment Pad {30 double-sided forms}
  • Disclaimer Pad {30 forms}
  • Power Point presentation on CD
  • WholeBodyTM System Branded eBook
  • 5 handouts outlining synthetic & chemical drug dangers

*WholeBodyTM System Certification Training: Additional event costs may apply and are determined independently by the certified goDésana WholeBodyTM System trainer hosting each individual class.

Become a WholeBodyTM System Trainer

WholeBodyTM System Trainers may train and certify active goDésana members to become WholeBodyTM System Coaches.

WholeBodyTM System Trainers are certified to do the following:

  • Train (including assistance with updating training segments)
  • Certify WholeBodyTM System Coaches in any state
  • Perform all certified activities of WholeBodyTM System Coaches
  • Teach the goDésana WholeBodyTM System protocol
  • Utilize WholeBodyTM System Trainer as a title on all goDésana marketing materials


  • Purchase of WholeBodyTM System Coach Certification Kit.
  • Participation in WholeBodyTM Trainer Certification seminar.

Purchase of WholeBodyTM System Trainer Certification Kit Cost - $329*

  • WholeBodyTM System Trainer Certificate of Completion
  • WholeBodyTM System Coach Certification Kit (see contents above)

*WholeBodyTM System Certification Training: WholeBodyTM System Trainer Certification classes are held only at goDésana Corporate Offices, or in a location designated by goDésana Corporate, on designated dates to be determined.

To find a Coach Certification class near you, check with your referring goDésana member or visit

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