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Take Charge of Your Health

Step 1: The Problem

With over-the-counter and prescription medications moving up to the third largest cause of death in western mainstream medicine (only behind heart disease and cancer), the safer alternative of using Essential Oils is making its way back to the medicine cabinets of people worldwide. The beauty of the WholeBodyTM Collection is that it's a simple, quick, and life-transforming way to introduce people to Independently Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils and their ability to assist with pain relief and restoring balance to the body.

Not only do they work more effectively, but they are safer and far less expensive than costly over-the-counter and prescription pain medications. And most importantly, there is no need to be concerned about negative side-effects!

Step 2: The Solution

We invite you to support your body's own innate healing wisdom with the power of Independently Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils. 

The seven WholeBodyTM System Essential Oil Blends work as stimuli to assess a body's response to pain and movement in each of the body systems. The body's response to each of the unique Essential Oil Blends indicates which of the body systems need additional attention.

WholeBody System - 08.07.2013 - How, When, & Why

Step 3: Order Your WholeBodyTM System Blends Today

You can order the entire collection or order individually.

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WholeBodyTM System
{5ml Bottles}


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Align (First Touch)
Body System


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Osteo (Second Touch)
Skeletal System


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Sensory (Third Touch)
Nervous System


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FlexAble (Fourth Touch)
Muscular System


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Connect (Fifth Touch)
Connective System


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Circulate (Sixth Touch)
Circulatory System


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Clear (Seventh Touch)
Emotional System


Step 4: Contact

Contact the person who told you about this site today. You can reach They can explain how the WholeBodyTM System works and the benefits offered to you.

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